Freelance photographer

Welcome to the World of Photography.

To the magic world of colors and emotions. To the world that is full with enchanting moments captured forever. Every my photography project is unique for me. That is why I restrict the number of orders I carry out. I specialize in the following genres: studio photo shooting, family photo, wedding photography, underwater photography, fine-art photography, portfolio photography, portraits, advertising photography and artistic photography.

But my main today’s passion is the underwater photography. I can create unique underwater snapshots because I have IKELITE - wonderful professional equipment for underwater photography - and significant diving experience. Furthermore, to obtain such snapshots we don’t necessarily need to fly to some warm sea, we can take absolutely fantastic pictures even at the Kipsala swimming pool. I have been often asked whether I use the Photoshop. And the answer is - ‘Yes’. But I use it to highlight the genuine beauty, and not to compile something non-existent.

You can’t make a weak photo perfect, but you can improve or emphasize an excellent photo with the help of color grading and other instruments. To convey your feelings and emotions, your smiles and atmosphere in my photographs is extremely important for me. So that you will enjoy the photographs I will have created for you all your life long. You can get acquainted with my photo shooting style in my portfolio. If you like it I will be happy to work for you.